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Claire Smith

IMUSA Double Burner Griddle

IMUSA Double Burner Griddle

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IMUSA 17 x 10 double Burner Griddle is perfect for warming tortillas, making crepes, toasting sandwiches, cooking quesadillas, and all your favorite breakfast foods such as pancakes and eggs. This double burner will heat up quickly and evenly allowing you to use the entire surface of the griddle. The non-stick surface allows you to use less oil and makes clean-up a breeze and allows you to make healthy foods at home for the entire family. Feel free to use the griddle as a serving piece after cooking. The nonstick and large cooking surface provides enough room to cook a variety of different food at the same time. The side handles are perfect to use while cooking and also when transporting the vessel from one place to another. Next time you have a Mexican Party or are in the mood for tortillas or making a nutritious breakfast, make sure to use your IMUSA double burner griddle. Keep in mind this burner fits perfectly over two stovetop burners and can be used on an electric or gas stove.

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