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Claire Smith

Hennessy Cognac, Black - 750 ml

Hennessy Cognac, Black - 750 ml

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The eight-generation Hennessy family in the US and the seven-generation master blenders in the Fillioux family oversee Hennessy, the best-selling cognac globally. Cognac's top four regions' eaux-de-vie was used in the blend. For the purpose of producing the most exquisite and flavorful eaux-de-vie, each batch of wine is double-distilled. Hennessy also has the world's best assortment of vintage eaux-de-vie. Hennessy Black is a distinctively sleek color that denotes seduction and sleekness. a 2009 creation of a modern and contemporary combination. chosen from four of the best growing regions. Jasmine floral notes aggressively make an instant impression on the nose. Following come hints of lemon and honey, which add a gentler, warming tone. Hennessy Black retains these surprising sensations in the mouth while also bringing out the purifying qualities of fresh grapes and white flowers.

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