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Claire Smith

Heat Weighted Massaging Pad

Heat Weighted Massaging Pad

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Enjoy A Calming Heated Massage At Home!

The Revolutionary鑱紿eat Weighted Massaging Pad鑱絚ombines the benefits of weighted pressure with the soothing relief of an extra-large heating pad!

The secret is the soothing heat that gets absorbed into the weighted clay beads, delivering鑱絪oothing pressure therapy to muscles and joints.


Fast heating:鑱経sing advanced heating technology, the pad can provide a soothing heat release within 30 seconds, thereby achieving rapid heating and rapid pain relief.

Improve health when heated:鑱絋he therapeutic pad can heat the body, relax muscles, eliminate fatigue, accelerate blood circulation, activate tissue cells, promote metabolism and improve human immunity.


Body parts:鑱絪uitable for use on stomach, feet, legs, arms, back, neck, shoulders and other parts

Easy to use and maintain:鑱統ou can clean them with the hand,Can also be simply put them into the automatic washing machine.

9 levels of heating temperature can be adjusted (44-60 閿?:鑱統ou can choose according to the ambient temperature and your own needs.

4 timing modes:鑱紸ccording to needs, the timing heating time can be set to 30, 60, 90, 120 minutes. The control panel with indicator lights will display the actual time and temperature.

Product Features:

  • Weighted Design鑱解€?Delivers the calming benefits of soothing pressure therapy
  • Comforting Experience鑱解€?It calms muscle aches, loosen stiff joints, relieves hand pain and soothe menstrual cramps.
  • King-sized Comfort鑱解€?It can be used on virtually any body part from your back to your arm
  • Soft Material鑱解€?Stitched with soft, luxurious material for added comfort

Product Parameter:

  • Name:鑱紿eat Weighted Massaging Pad 26*10cm/30*60cm Gray
  • Material:鑱紺rystal Super Soft Flannel
  • Color:鑱紾ray
  • Gross Weight:鑱?.42kg
  • List:鑱紿eat Weighted Massaging Pad*1+Controller*1+English Manual*1

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