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Claire Smith

Grey Goose Vodka La Poire (750 ml)

Grey Goose Vodka La Poire (750 ml)

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The water used in production comes from the natural spring, Gensac-la-Pallue, in the Cognac region, where it gets filtered through Champagne limestone. Grey Goose is crafted with locally sourced soft winter wheat grown in Picardy (known as "the breadbasket of France"), a wheat-growing region in France. The grain is sown in October and harvested in August. This wheat, classified as "superior bread-making wheat," is the only grain used in Grey Goose. According to Thibault, soft wheat, as opposed to hard wheat, is better for distilling, the four additional months of growth in comparison to summer wheat yielding a more durable grain. Grey Goose鈥檚 ingredients are column-distilled in a facility in the same region. Enzymes are used to break down the carbohydrates into fermentable sugars, and the fermentation takes place continuously over six cascading tanks. The wash is then distilled once into spirit using a five-step process. The calcium-rich Gensac-La-Pallue spring water is drawn from 150 meters below the blending facility in Cognac. The spirit is filtered through a copper filtration system in order to infuse it with additional flavor. The distillate is sent to a plant in Cognac, France, dedicated to the sole purpose of bottling Grey Goose. The resultant spirit is cut with spring water, bottled at 80 proof, and corked. Grey Goose has several flavored expressions in their lineup, all of them crafted with their soft winter wheat vodka serving as the base. Grey Goose La Poire is a fruity pear-flavored vodka that is crafted with anjou pears, a staple and classic of French cuisine 鈥?especially pastries and desserts. Launched in 2007, this crisp, smooth, fruity, and floral 80-proof expression is made with essential oils, making for a natural pear taste that is pure and complex. Grab a bottle of this premium pear vodka today!

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