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Claire Smith

Gray Whale Gin Gin, Californian Botanicals - 750 ml

Gray Whale Gin Gin, Californian Botanicals - 750 ml

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Gray Whale Gin This new uniquely Californian gin is the brainchild of chef and culinary TV personality Marsh Mohktari. He set out to make a one-of-a-kind London Dry style gin that exhibited the wonderful bounties of the great State of California. Using the majestic Gray Whale and its migratory path along 800-plus miles of California coast as a symbol for the diversity of ingredients foraged and farmed from local sources, they capture the essence of both our great state and what drinking gin is all about, having fun! But Marsh isn't just about having a good time. He's committed to helping save our dying oceans and gives a portion of his proceeds to Oceana, an organization committed to protecting the world's oceans. Crafting this gin from grain to bottle, begin with a base of organic grain. This is fermented and distilled multiple times before gin production begins. The organic base spirit is steeped with Italian and local juniper from Big Sur. Other botanicals are suspended above the spirit during distillation including Sonoma fir, Santa Cruz mint, hand-harvested Mendocino Coast Kombu, Baja limes and even some fresh almonds from the Central Valley. The result is something absolutely delicious and totally unique, but with a balance and familiarity that you'd expect from a great London Dry. The vibrant blue bottle is sure to turn heads, but it's the delicious flavor that's going to turn your glass upside down. Go ahead and pour another. It's for the whales.

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